Finally, Post Number 2!

20150403_132356    20150403_132405

So, It’s actually been a whole year since my last post. (which i have now updated!!)

This is probably because A LOT has happened in the last 12 months and blogging kind of got put on the back burner!

I will explain everything… but i thought I might do it in parts as our lives got compartmentalised so I should probably do the same with our story.

Part #1: Is Zoe’s story, its the biggest and it is what set everything else in motion so her story deserves to be told first.

Part #2: Is our wedding story. Its a big part of our story too and it’s a pretty great story!

Part #3: Is all about the future. For which I have the highest hopes.

So tune in and you’ll get the whole story!

Peace, light and love to you all.


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