Part #1: Zoe’s Story

So, It was the beginning of August 2014… sounds ominous doesnt it?
Zoe had, for some unknown reason, stopped using her left arm and after multiple doctors visits and xrays we were referred to Starship Childrens Hospital for a consultation.
So, we went down to Starship on the Monday morning. We expected that maybe she had a pulled elbow or a sprained arm or something that may have been easily fixed by a splint or cast… this wasnt the case! It took us a week of being in the ward before it actually clicked for us that we were in the Neuroservices ward!

We went through a few scans and many mornings of wee Zoe being nil by mouth and MAD AS HELL that we were not letting her have food and we got a result… there was a cyst in Zoes head the size of a baseball and it was pushing her brain out of the way. Not quite the pulled muscle we had been expecting huh?!

Zoe went in for surgery the next space they had and the cyst was removed. She was in HDU for a week we were informed that it was a Supratentorial Ependymoma. Then after another couple of weeks she was healed enough for us to make a decision as to whether to go straight for radiation, do chemtherapy then radiation, or wait and see. We chose to do chemotherapy before radiation which would give Zoe more time to let her brain heal and the cavity from the Tumour to cave in on itself so that there would be less of an area to radiate.
Zoe had 6 rounds of Chemo and 30 doses of radiation…. but that adventure is a whole other story….

As of MRIs taken in February, Zoes brain is going back to normal and she is regaining use of her left side. We are now home and we move on to part #2 of our story!

As usual, Peace, Light and Love to you all.


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