Part #2 – Wedding Bells!

So, We got married!
It was a fabulous day because what we wanted the most to happen, happened… everyone had such a good night!

My plans I mentioned in my first post kind of worked…. in that it was a DIY wedding that i did in between doing something else… only, it wasnt work! It was in between Chemo rounds!!

I have to say, having the wedding planning to come home to was kind of a God-Send!

We ended up compartmentalising our lives, when we were at the hospital, our whole focus was on getting through the round. When we were at home we tried as best we could to forget about hospital stuff.

So wedding planning was a big part of our lives, not just because the wedding was going to be a huge event but because it was a fabulous distraction for us!

A big part of why our day worked was our beautiful friends and family. Not just for them helping out with the arts and crafts, lending us stuff or the wedding or giving us their time… It was also our bridal party and close friends who made our hen/stag night and our big day so much fun and not even half as stressful as i thought it would be! So to you guys, i love you and I am so thankful to you!

I may post more about our day but for now, here are a few snaps care of our spectacular photographer Gemma.

Wishing Peace, Love and Light to you all.


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