NZ Students/Parents vs Teachers/Principals

I wanted to keep my blog positive, and I dont usually like commenting on things on facebook/online because it usually starts an angry argument with a lot of statements from uneducated or stubborn people, however this is something I feel very strongly about. I am making an exception as I am increasingly concerned about our school system when this sort of thing keeps happening.

In my day (which was NOT that long ago!) if your teacher or principal told you to take off non-uniform clothing or get your hair cut to get up to code, you did it. You’d get your formal education at school and your parents taught you the rest, it wasnt all up to the teachers who would never have been SUED if you missed out on a role in a play or a spot on a team… you’d just practice your arse off and try again the next year.
I am ashamed at the pathetic lack of respect educators are getting in this country.
I know for a fact my girls will learn at home that respecting teachers, principal and their fellow students is the only way to go because it is our responsibility as parents to TEACH them that.
If there is a school rule they don’t like they will be coming to me first, not splashing their issues all over social media to get their 2 minutes of fame.
It is not up to the schools to teach our children EVERYTHING, we as parents have responsibilities too and one of those responsibilities is to teach them when they get their feelings hurt the first step is not to sue but to work through it with dignity and respect for others.
Here are the stories to which I am referring:

You can go ahead and comment and I will respect your opinion, if i do not agree we can debate it in a repectful manner as my parents taught me to respect others and my teachers taught me how to construct a proper argument.

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