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I mentioned in my last post that I didn’t want to focus on the negatives in my blog, but so much has happened in the media over the last couple of weeks… some negative, and some positive, so here is a bit of both. To be honest with you, a lot of what has happened doesn’t even really matter, but it has become our bad habit as a collective to get super emotional about things that don’t even really affect our lives in any way.

I know that’s a bit of a bold statement to make but I feel that lately, social media has made us all (myself included) linger on things that a few years ago we might have said “that’s cool” or “oh dear, such a shame” and then moved on with our lives. Then on the other side, there a things that we really should be reading into and caring about that we ignore because we have become either unfeeling robots or maybe we are just immune to some stories affecting us because we’ve heard it all before.

Story 1: Caitlyn Jenner – a good news story gone bad

We all spent days, for some people weeks, obsessing over Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation. Yes she is brave for putting a very deeply personal story out there. Yes, she probably only shared her story for the money but WHO CARES!? If she did it for money or to help other men and women going through a similar thing, it doesn’t matter, IT HAS STILL HELPED! People do look up to her, just because you don’t, does not give you the right to call her or anyone with an opinion that is different to yours horrible names or insult others lifestyles. Her personal changes do not take away from her sporting career as Bruce plus, you have to admit she looks pretty spectacular!

What you do NOT have to do is resort to ignorant, bigoted name calling and swearing. Whether you think she deserved the bravery award or not, there is no need for that. Some of the conversations I have read over the last few weeks have given me a whole new vocabulary I never wanted or needed to know! There will always be people commenting on posts purely to get a rise out of people. There will always be one tightly wound religious person for every loose liberal person, that’s just how it is. Please, people, we are all humans… If you want to debate morality and beliefs that’s fine, that’s wonderful, that’s perfect. It’s exciting that we are in a place in our world where we can question belief systems and gender equality and all of those taboo subjects. We should be grateful of our freedom to express ourselves and respectful of everyone elses right to express themselves!

Story 2: TPPA – Good News & Bad News

The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is aiming to create a regional free trade agreement involving 12 Asia-Pacific countries, which on the surface could potentially be an amazing thing for New Zealand, however we know very little about the fine print of this agreement as it is still being discussed in secrecy and that is not ok. For a democratic society to function the government and the people running it need to be held accountable for their actions and I think sometimes the PM and his MPs forget that they are put in place to represent us not to decide for us how we feel and what we should be ALLOWED to have an opinion on. The people of NZ are finally clicking on to the fact that the TPPA is one of those things that we really should be caring about with protests happening in multiple cities around our country this week! If you want to know more try here and here.

Story 3: Chenery vs Harvey – a bad news story gone crazy

Here’s a quick run down. Crystal Chenery (a competitor on The Bachelor NZ) was on celebrity competition show “Dancing With The Stars” She gave a valiant effort and everyone that watched was very impressed by her skill. Unfortunately she came runner-up to the Simon “The Dad Bod” Barnett but she danced her booty off nonetheless.

Her placing second was not what has made the news however, nor is it Simons fantastic dancing, or the charities that these 2 generous celebrities gave up their time and copious amount of energy for. Nope, it was a photo (aimed at the Bachelor from Crystals season of The Bachelor NZ) of Crystal, doing the splits in mid-air, tweeted by Dom Harvey of The Edge radio station with a caption that went along the lines of “Showing Art what he missed out on.”


People of Social Media Land, I say unto you……. HE’S A RADIO DJ! He’s paid to do stupid things and say stupid things to drum up interest, intrigue, hatred, love. Any feelings you have towards him means that he is doing his job perfectly! To those who have let their conversations escalate into hateful, spiteful arguments, I think you might be caring a little too much about something that has done the normal social media thing, molehill has officially become mountain.

It is an unfortunate fact that if you become famous in this day and age you are automatically subject to being harshly judged and ridiculed but that is how it happens. Especially if you make your way to fame or infamy through reality shows, it can be even worse, sadly for Crystal she was portrayed as a villain on The Bachelor NZ and so, anyone who watched the show and fell for its charms will already have Crystal painted in a negative light in their minds.

And to anyone who feels bullied on social media, not just Crystal. Please, go and talk the appropriate people. A lot of the ugliness and the honestly embarrassing nature of these situations can be avoided, and the issues can be resolved a lot more smoothly and with a lot less shame if people would just keep them out of social media. Twitter and Facebook are not an appropriate forum for dealing with these heavy issues.

Story 4: Lorde’s Post – A good news story to end with.

Whether you love or hate her music, you have to admit that Lorde is a good kiwi girl and has love in her heart. She is promoting a very good cause follow the link here and lets hope that more stories like these get out in the world so we can help our communities. We should all be looking for more opportunities to help the children of New Zealand, they are the future of this country after all.

The moral of these particular stories? Maybe to keep your eye on what’s truly important? Maybe to stop panicking about things that don’t affect you? Maybe next time you are letting yourself get wound up about a celebrity’s life, take a breath and think before you comment? With all the negativity in the world the best thing you can do is be positive. Say something nice, do a random act of kindness. Above all, have respect for others no matter what happens, and if you encounter nastiness respond with kindness.

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