Being The Fun Police

“Muuum, you’re never any fun!” Says my 5 year old to me on a regular basis.

Despite that fact that hours of my day are spent playing tea party with half dressed Barbies. Despite our Nail salon afternoons where I spend most of the time cleaning up spilt nail polish. Despite having watched Frozen, Tangled, and Ciinderella so many times I know the words to the script as well as every song! Despite taking her to the shops and wandering around the same store 300 times while she decides how to spend the $3 she eaned.

I like being girly and having a daughter that is old enough to start doing girly things with. However, despite all this, I am a mum first, so when it comes down to a choice between being cool or making sure her teeth are brushed properly. If I have to choose between being fun or making sure she goes to bed on time so that she gets enough sleep to handle the next school day, I’m going to choose being un-fun mum every time.

But I always have a moment of reflection, when my children are cared for by someone else for the day, and the person caring for them says, “you have such wonderfully behaved children” or “your girl has such good manners!” It is completely worth it. When we have a perfect morning getting ready for school and she gets her breakfast for herself, brushes her teeth without being asked and packs her backpack like a pro, I get to have my pat on the back moment, for me and for her. “Well done sweetie” I say to her, and to myself I say, “Well done no-fun mum! She’s learning!”

Because my position as their mother is not to be their friend and have fun all of the time, it is to ensure they grow up to be polite, caring, healthy human beings that can have a positive input on society. Children have enough friends to have fun with, they have enough aunts, uncles and grandparents to spoil them. My job is to make sure that with all the fun and the spoiling, my girl grows up to be a well-balanced young lady.

And if that means being the Fun-Police, well, just call me Chief!

Peace, Love and Light


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